It Takes a “Super Team”

This weekend, much of the United States, and many throughout the world, will be focused on the Super Bowl! Families and friends will gather around the biggest tv they own and a fortunate few will be there in person to cheer on their favorite team (or the team they like better of the two)!

I have watched a couple of the pre-game interviews with players and what strikes me is that no matter who is being interviewed, every player remarks that it is “teamwork” and the “whole team” that got them to this magnificent moment. It occurs to me that no matter what we do in our lives, building a great team is one of the essential ingredients to success.

So how do you build your own winning team? It starts from the center, the captain, and that is YOU. Next, supportive family members who are not judgmental and do not try to be captain but support and encourage you, offering advice when asked and gently bringing ideas to your attention that could help, would be an asset to your team. There may not be many who fit this profile, but even one such person would be a valuable member of your team.

Next, and this may be much easier because as the saying goes, “you can choose your friends, but not your family,” recruit your best friends to join your team. These friends undoubtedly come from all parts and phases of your life and each one has something special to add to your team. Some will add humor, some will add wisdom, some you can cry with and some will be as angry as you are when lousy things happen in your life. All of these team members are essential to your super team.

Professionals are important team members that you will call upon from the bench as needed. They will have expert traits and talents that enhance specific projects and goals. Having a great lineup of bench-warmers is vital to any great team.

When you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, observe how the quarterback pulls the team together and calls the plays and how everyone else supports his call. I will never contend to know much about football, but I think we can all learn from this gridiron game that building a great team is the backbone for achieving goals and conquering challenges.


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