Vicki Gentempo Ofmani is a Founding member of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJFF) Board of Trustees and she recently discussed with John Goldfarb, DJFF intern about her role in the development of DJFF:

John: How did you become a a Founding Trustee on the DJFF Board?

Vicki: I was Danny’s first teacher at the Forum School in New Jersey. When I was asked to join the Board by Linda Walder and Fred Fiddle (co-founder’s of DJFF), I was flattered and honored and when they told me the that the organization would be the first one in the United States to focus exclusively on young adults and adults living with Autism, I was completely committed. Joining this dynamic organization was aligned with my own interests and on a personal level, to this day, continues to give me purpose.

John: Would you please tell me about your “day” job:

Vicki: I am the Supervisor of Instruction and Structured Learning Coordinator at the Forum School in Waldwick, New Jersey. I act as Assistant Director of the school. My career has always been in Special Education, primarily working with learners living with Autism and related challenges. My job at this point is to coordinate learning experiences for students ages 16-21 and to also oversee the behavioral components of their educational programs. I also coordinate all of the teacher assistants that work in each of the Forum School classrooms (the Forum School serves children ages 3-21 years old).

John: Who are your mentors?

Vicki: I have a few…Linda Walder, Founder and President of the DJFF is one of them because she has taken a personal tragedy and turned it into a highly respected and leading organization that benefits people living with Autism everywhere. Dr. Steve Krapes, the former Director of the Forum School has been a role model and has guided and enhanced my understanding about teaching students with different challenges and I am extremely grateful to him for his 25 years of mentorship that truly shaped my career.

John: What a advice would you give parents who are raising a child living with Autism?

Vicki: I think being accepting that everyone is different is key. Acceptance will lead to understanding the needs of your child and then you will be able to help your child be the best he or she can be. It will also lead to providing the supports that will enhance your child’s life by enabling them to be part of the community.

John: What do you think the future holds for people living with Autism?

Vicki: I think it holds as much promise as it does for anyone else. For each of my students, their choices will depend on their interests, some may need more support than others but each should be able to attain goals and

Vicki Gentempo Ofmani, Founding Trustee of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation

Vicki Gentempo Ofmani,
Founding Trustee of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation

live fulfilling lives. This is the legacy of my student Danny Fiddle, and the DJFF Foundation created in his memory and honor, for all people living with Autism to reach their personal best.

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