Now is the Time. Let YOUR Light Shine!

It is remarkable that in this year marked 2016, within the next 48 hours, 3 of the world’s renowned holidays will begin: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. It is the season of joy, hope and celebration for many, a melancholy time for some, and disdained by a few. Regardless, it is possible to focus on something more inherent than whatever this time of year evokes for you. Now is the Time. Let YOUR Light Shine!

What does this mean? As always, it means what you want it to mean for you. It can mean a smile you give to a stranger you pass on the street. It can mean enjoying beautiful music. It can mean noticing the sunrise or sunset. What inspires your inner light to shine is deeply personal, and powerful. Light is endless when it shines from within and no one can diminish that light unless you permit that. Even then, even if your light ebbs and dwindles, it will not be extinguished in your lifetime.

Think about that. Your light will not be extinguished during your lifetime. That is an astounding thought!

How much your light shines depends, and it depends on you. It does not depend on the opinions, behavior, judgments, assessments or attitude of others. Your light may flicker by the actions of those whose lights are dimmer and want yours to be too, but do not let them have the strength of the wind to blow upon yours because you are the storm. When others display their negativity or boasting in false light that does not enhance their light and diminish yours, it diminishes theirs.

Value your light and do not be afraid to let it shine uniquely. This is your time to shine and that is why you are alive now. It does not matter if you become famous or well-known because that has nothing to do with light, except light that is manufactured.

This is the season to notice the light everywhere and most importantly your own light. May your light shine more brightly than ever in the new year marked 2017.

Ten Thoughts To Enhance YOUR Health and Well-Being

Recently I had the great pleasure of being asked to deliver the keynote address to the faculty and staff at one of New Jersey’s most outstanding programs for children and young adults living with Autism, The Phoenix Center. ┬áThe day was focused on the health and well-being of the awesome educators and administrative staff who like many in the field of special education (and regular ed too) give their all everyday to others but often have little time to recharge themselves. ┬áThe interactive exchange we shared together left me inspired and I hope it will inspire you too…Here are the ideas the insightful Phoenix Center team shared as they explored how to improve their own health and well-being…as good of a TOP TEN LIST as I have ever encountered:

  1. Carpe Diem
  2. Be Positive
  3. Get Rid of Negative People
  4. Cultivate Your Support System
  5. Never Lose Faith
  6. Walk Tall
  7. Take a Breath
  8. Be Inspired by Children
  9. Have Hope
  10. Live Gratefully