Ten Thoughts To Enhance YOUR Health and Well-Being

Recently I had the great pleasure of being asked to deliver the keynote address to the faculty and staff at one of New Jersey’s most outstanding programs for children and young adults living with Autism, The Phoenix Center. ┬áThe day was focused on the health and well-being of the awesome educators and administrative staff who like many in the field of special education (and regular ed too) give their all everyday to others but often have little time to recharge themselves. ┬áThe interactive exchange we shared together left me inspired and I hope it will inspire you too…Here are the ideas the insightful Phoenix Center team shared as they explored how to improve their own health and well-being…as good of a TOP TEN LIST as I have ever encountered:

  1. Carpe Diem
  2. Be Positive
  3. Get Rid of Negative People
  4. Cultivate Your Support System
  5. Never Lose Faith
  6. Walk Tall
  7. Take a Breath
  8. Be Inspired by Children
  9. Have Hope
  10. Live Gratefully