There Are Cloudy Days…

Not everyday starts out promising, even if the sun is shining!  Some days we just feel like we want to pull up the covers to our chin, and hide!  And sometimes it is okay to do this.  But on most days we cannot as there is work to do, children who need us, obligations we must fulfill.  In a way, thank goodness for these things or else we might always stay in bed.

But how do we motivate ourselves to arise from the bed with enough optimism or hope that whatever the day brings, we will be able to handle it without eating a whole box of cookies or worse?  This takes exercise.

Exercise you say…what is that?  Yes, physical exercise is excellent and important but what I am referring to is mental exercise—exercising our brains to be positive.  Sometimes we need a trainer, like a good therapist, or a dear friend but we still need to rely on ourselves to begin and to seek the help and support we need to succeed.

Before you put a foot on the ground when you awake tomorrow (and every day going forward) spend a minute or two to take a few cleansing breaths.  Then either out loud (if you can) or silently to yourself, tell yourself that everything is going to be okay (even if you are not sure about this).  If you have to say it twice or three times, do it! Then get out of bed and begin your day!

Exercising your mental muscle to begin each day positively helps build your strength to face whatever is ahead that day!  And remember, like any exercise, this takes time and practice so be patient with yourself knowing that each day you are getting stronger!